Two brothers leading
Attico sul mare

In the world of restaurant and hospitality since 2001.

Their dedication is rewarded by the loyalty of a constantly growing clientele, as well as by prestigious food and wine guides such as Gambero Rosso, Guida de L’espresso, and Touring Club Italia, which crown our cuisine and service among the best restaurants in Marche.

We have learned from our grandmothers the pleasure of cooking, a pleasure that is taken and given.

The education in hospitality had a special place in the lives of these two brothers: two grandmothers, two exceptional cooks, who were dedicated to making anyone who came to their dining room feel welcome and comfortable. And so it happens, as it always does when received love is translated into good habits: that love continues, finds continuity, and fulfillment.

Attico sul Mare embodies the Marche wisdom of Vera and Jolanda, combining the cuisine of the land and the cuisine of the sea. It also embraces the restrained and graceful style of Chef Tommaso Melzi, who brings a touch of his Abruzzo heritage to the table.

It’s a contamination, a handshake involving many hands that makes this place, an attic, a metaphor for a privileged location from which one can see the “goodness”.

We will welcome you with a familiar and loving warmth

You will be able to savor a sensitive and elegant cuisine, without arrogance, that brings traditional dishes to the table, such as “brodetto alla sambenedettese,” as well as innovative dishes like “sushi all’italiana.” All of this can be enjoyed on a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea.

An identity-based cuisine, albeit measuredly creative, that makes the raw ingredients an essential element.

Tommaso Melzi Chef

It was born under the guidance of chef Antonio Spicocchi, a 1-star Michelin chef at Stua de Michil, where he learned excellent cooking techniques and effective brigade management, among others.

After the indelible experience in one of Italy’s most famous “Stube,” he returns to the place where it all began: the kitchen of his parents’ restaurant, which has Milanese origins. They have instilled passion and dedication in him since his adolescence.

In 2009, the call from Attico sul Mare came, and from the very beginning, Tommaso worked together with them in building a great project. Day after day, he pursues the goal of quality based on research, passion, study, and collaboration.

The continuous and tireless collaboration with Simone and the rest of the kitchen brigade leads to new reflections, new journeys, new flavors, and new horizons every day.

Since 2010, Tommaso has been leading Attico sul Mare, overseeing a kitchen and a business that are constantly growing. Three years ago, the decision was made to offer an even more identity-driven cuisine, with a strongly recognizable dining experience that blends the contemporary with the traditional, the land with the sea, the East with the West, while always steadfastly respecting tradition.